This is the Dome School Biochar Project Wiki.

Dome School students will post their pictures, reports, artwork, songs, movies and results on this wiki. See the navigation bar on the right for pages reporting on each class session. The resources page has information for the Dome School teachers and assistants.
We have completed the Dome School Biochar Project for Spring 2010. Please explore our results here and come back for updates as we continue our Dome School programs in science, art, music, literature and social studies.

Teachers: If you would like to download some free biochar activities and lesson plans, visit Kelpie Wilson, teacher and creator of the Dome School Biochar Project, maintains www.biochar-ebooks to showcase her biochar and science education materials and biochar stove designs.

The Dome School Biochar Project was presented at the US Biochar Conference in Ames, Iowa, June 26-30, 2010. View the presentation here:

Please enjoy our performance below of the Biochar Rap: