Charcoal Oven or TLUD

Last week the children went into the forest and gathered and cut pencil size sticks for this part in the program. They gathered a bucket full of Willow, Wild Rose and Blackberry brambles.

Kelpie moved outside and set up her specially made oven so that they could make some "Char" (the kids will be making their own ovens later this year). Some of the children commented on how the oven looked like the B-B-Q starter that their parents use at home.

The oven is actually a "TLUD" which stands for "Top-Lit Updraft Gasifier". It works kind of like an oven with the flame on top. Heat from the flame bakes twigs and wood chips below it. The baking twigs start to emit gasses like hydrogen and methane. These gasses burn kind of like propane - so it makes a very clean flame. And, it makes charcoal that is left behind after all the gasses have burned.

Filling up the stove
First a fire was started in the stove using paper, when the flames died down small sticks that the children had previously collected for this were added.

Kelpie explained how the stove was designed to burn the gasses released from the burning wood separately from the wood and demonstrated that there was no smoke because of this.

Once the charcoal was created it was then dumped int a bucket of water extinguishing the fire.

The children have created drawing charcoal for art class and will use them later in the week to create their own charcol drawings mimicking the cave drawings they have studied in social
the stove puts out a lot of heat!
studies class.
The stove was made by Art Donnelly of the Seattle Biochar group. You can see more pictures here.